Get Disaster Ready

Is your business Disaster Ready? 

The Five - Step Plan

  1. Know your risk Identify the disasters that might face your business. If you’re new to the area, it’s really important to understand how you might be at risk so you can know what to expect
  2. Plan now for what you will do Sit down with your staff and use this step to make an emergency action plan so that everyone knows what needs to be done and by whom if a disaster strikes
  3. Get your business ready There are some really practical and easy actions you can take now to prepare your business and plan for business continuity
  4. Be aware If a disaster does strike, knowing where to look for up-to-date disaster information could help save you vital time. Connect with key information sources now to receive regular alerts
  5. Look out for each other Neighbouring businesses can be one of the best sources of information and help before, during and after a disaster. Develop connections with local businesses and commit to helping one another

Local Emergency Action Plan

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